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First published 1999

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Typeset by Hope Services (Abingdon) Ltd.

Printed in Great Britain

on acid-free paper by

Biddles Ltd.,

Guildford and King’s Lynn

to Seth, Geoffrey, and John


Essential support for launching this project came from awards granted by the

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation in 1989–91. Their generous financial

and moral support is gratefully acknowledged. The University of Rochester

gave me one-semester academic leaves in 1991, 1993, and 1997, for which I am

likewise grateful.

Warm thanks go to the anonymous Clarendon Press readers, and to William

Calin, John Maddicott, Jeffrey Ravel, and Roberta Krueger, who read large

parts of the book manuscript and gave helpful critiques. Tony Morris encouraged

the project and saw the book through the contract stage at the Press with

much appreciated skill and enthusiasm. Ruth Parr, Anna Illingworth, and

Dorothy McLean directed the crucial process by which a large manuscript

became a book. Sarah Dancy did the truly heroic work of copy-editing. The

staff in Reference and Interlibrary Loan, Rush Rhees Library, University of

Rochester, obtained even the most obscure French sources. The index was

skilfully prepared by Nicholas Waddy.

Responding to my ideas as I formulated them was one gift from my wife

Margaret. Even more important was her splendidly sound advice as I shaped

the book and her unfailing capacity to ask the hard questions.

This book is dedicated to my sons, Seth, Geoffrey, and John, with love and


Richard W. Kaeuper

University of Rochester