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Science program for girls

Seton Hill University

1 Seton Hill Drive

Greensburg, PA, 15601

(724) 830-1044 (tel.)

(724) 830-1571 (fax.)

QUICK TAKE: Grab your white coat and microscope. This allgirls

program allows you to experience what’s happening

at the core of laboratory sciences. A week-long, hands-on

lab experience is bolstered by field trips, women-in-science

guest speakers, and recreational activities. Students work

in the biology, chemistry, and computer labs of Seton Hall


AGE REQUIREMENT: Science Quest I: girls entering grades 7–9;

Science Quest II: girls entering grades 10–12.

FEES: Call for information.

BACKGROUND: Science Quest is located in Greensburg, PA,

at Seton Hall University.

DESCRIPTION: With an intensive dose of math and sciences,

Science Quest participants will spend a week in the biology,

chemistry, or computer labs of Seton Hall University.

Each program participant becomes a member of an “expert

group” and via a team approach investigates themes in

biology, chemistry, forensic sciences, and nutrition. Handson

experiments are conducted in the labs. Students learn

what science has to do with what we eat and wear, how

science affects our environment, and other similar topics.

Women scientists give talks on the use of science in their


Science Quest I is geared toward girls who are entering

grades 7–9; while Science Quest II, with a more advanced

approach to the various sciences, is designed for girls who

are entering grades 10–12. There is also dormitory life with

plenty of opportunities for recreational activities, such as

swimming, hanging out with friends, playing games, and

so on.

OUR TAKE: These programs offer high quality, hands-on experiences

in the various laboratory sciences. Science Quest I

offers something most middle-school students don’t have,

which is access to college-level labs. Science Quest II affords

high school students the opportunity to strengthen their laboratory

experience, and receive exposure to different and

new fields,. The emphasis on women in science can definitely

have a positive effect on your daughter’s interest in, passion

for, and pursuit of success in the health and life sciences.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Future Marie Curies can a get a good

head start here.


Space adventure camp

Reservations Department

PO Box 070015

Huntsville, AL 35807-015

(800) 637-7223

QUICK TAKE: The U.S. Space Camp is a life-changing experience.

This program challenges kids and parents of all ages to

meet the challenges NASA astronauts face in a simulated environment.

Although this program offers kids and parents a

good time, it is also mind expanding with a great staff, program,

and mission. Almost every kid dreams at one time or

another of becoming an astronaut, and the U.S. Space Camp

fulfills that dream, if for only a week or a weekend.

AGE REQUIREMENT: Children must be in the 4th grade and at

least 9 years of age (7 if with a parent). The Space Academy

offers classes for older students ages 12–14, and the Advanced

Space Academy is for students ages 15–18. There are also

parent/child weekend programs and adult/ teacher programs.

DATES: The programs are year-round and can run 3, 5, or 7 days.

FEES: $749 per person for the 5-day program. This does not

include transportation costs.


the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and the Alabama Space Science

Exhibit Commission. Accredited by the American Camping


BACKGROUND: The U.S. Space Camp was established in 1982

and has the largest number of graduated campers (almost

300,000) in the United States.

DESCRIPTION: Space Camp (ages 9–11), Space Academy (Ages

12–14), Advanced Space Academy (Ages 16–18), and Parent/

Child Space Camp (Ages 7–11) offer a variety programs for

kids who are interested in experiencing a taste of what is involved

in an astronaut training program. The programs are

typically five to six days, but there are two-day programs for

parents and children who want to go through the program

together. There is a sister program called the Aviation Challenge

which provides a comparable experience in the field of


The program reproduces real astronaut training, including

such activities as simulated Space Shuttle missions, training

simulators, rocket building and launching, and lectures

about the past, present, and future of space exploration.

There is also the Parent/Child Plus program, which allows

more than one parent and child to participate in the program.

And for mothers and daughters who do not want a co-ed experience,

the Sally Ride Space Camp for mothers and daughters

was established.

OUR TAKE: This camp offers simulated space missions, “spacecraft

accommodations,” and an attitude that is smart, motivating,

and encouraging. The experience is incomparable. Space

camp can help make one of your child’s brightest, far-reaching

dreams come true. Not only will they be doing something they

want to do, but they will be living, breathing, and eating the

“Space” experience. They will receive a hands-on education

that the traditional astronomy/space curriculum in school

can’t provide. The facts and information learned at the U.S.

Space Camp will stick in children’s minds for the rest of their

lives. They will learn a new way to retain information that can

only help them in all future endeavors.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, and the

other participants in the Apollo13 film trained at the U.S.

Space Camp facility because of its authentic simulation of

space training. If you’re star struck, you might be impressed,

but it’s the quality of the staff, the magic, and integrity of the

experience that we support. We give it a true “thumbs up.”