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Ballet camp

Mary Robertson, Director

301 North Harrison Street

Princeton, NJ 08540

(609) 921-7758

QUICK TAKE: A camp that is focused on the art of dance and

transforming students into professionals. There are three

camps in which students can begin at an early age and develop

the technique and skills to achieve grace and agility.

This dance program is unmatched.

AGE REQUIREMENT: Junior program, 9–13; senior program,

11–14; intensive program, 13–20.

FEES: Application fee, $20. Each program offers a different

number of sessions; therefore, the prices vary: Junior Day

Program, $460 to $985; Senior Day Program, $495 to $1,155.

The Intensive Day Program, $1,350 and Boarding Program,

$3,000. Financial aid is available.


BACKGROUND: The Princeton Ballet School (The name changed

to the American Repertory Ballet in 1991) was founded in

1954 by Audreé Estey and has been graduating professional

dancers ever since. The Ballet School Summer program began

in 1999 to help aspiring young dancers practice their form

and understand the skill and endurance needed to become a

professional dancer.

DESCRIPTION: There is an intensive schedule for each program.

The Junior group focuses on improving the students’

flexibility and strength, along with their form. The class

studies a few forms of dance, such as folk and modern. The

Seniors also work on ballet technique, but jazz, modern, and

other forms of dance are incorporated into the schedule. The

Intensive program teaches how to dance and prevent injury,

as well as creative choreography.

OUR TAKE: Becoming a dancer takes an enormous amount of

time, and it is best to begin at a very young age. All three of

these programs are key to helping aspiring dancers improve

their technique and to helping them understand the pressure

and pain it takes to become an excellent dancer. These programs

will help your kid on the path to becoming a professional


OUR RECOMMENDATION: If your child is eligible, contact the

Director for more information. This is a once in a lifetime

experience for a dancer!


Performing arts camp

Allyn Sitjar, Director

Summer Theatre Institute

Youth Theatre of New Jersey

23 Tomahawk Trail

Sparta, NJ 07871

(201) 415-5329

QUICK TAKE: This is a theater camp like no other program

available. The Summer Theatre Institute is based in New York

City amid the great shows of Broadway. Here, students will

get the opportunity to work with professional instructors

and learn about various aspects of the theater. A great program

for any student wishing to apply to a college-level theater




FEES: Application fee, $55. Room and board, $4,600 to $4,800

(early enrollment discount may apply).

BACKGROUND: The Youth Theatre of New Jersey is an intense

theater program for young aspiring actors. In 1989, the

Youth Theatre began a program called the Summer Theatre

Institute at Columbia University in New York City. The main

goal of the camp is to create a healthy, respectful environment

for kids to explore various acting skills.

DESCRIPTION: The Summer Institute is a professional camp

for kids to try their hand at one of many aspects of theater.

All students will be in core classes, which will help with acting,

improvisation, and speech. Students may concentrate on

one of these four categories: Actors, Musical Theater Actors,

Playwrights, and Directors. In each group, students will work

with professionals and be encouraged to create new forms

of theater. Each session is about four weeks in either June

or July.

OUR TAKE: This is definitely a theater camp for the best of the

best. Columbia is an Ivy League college, and students will get

first-hand experience in going to school in a busy city. With

programs for every student’s interest, attendees will gain a

great deal from this experience.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: This is a very focused camp, so make

sure your kid is really interested.