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Shundikov K.V.

The system legal phenomenons in the view of selforganization conceptions.

The article is devoted to the analysis of the problem of potential jurisprudence object and

methodological principles of synergetical approach combination. The different system law

phenomenons, such as: positive law, legislation system, law confession, law practice etc., with

fundamental synergetical notion - selforganization are correlated. The conclusions about law

science object zones, which have most perspective in synergetical view, are maked.

Ignatenkova K.E., Negrobov V.L.

Monitoring of Russian legislation: ways of optimization

The article is devoted to the analysis of actual questions of efficiency’s improving of Russian

legislation. Considering monitoring as one of the important trend of legal policy, the authors

elaborate a complex point of view according the problem of its improving, suggest concrete

measures necessary in modern conditions.

Hapchaev S.T.

General features of legal feeling

In this article author is observing the legal feeling phenomenon, as central element of

human’s legal psychology. The problem of their existence and classification is a subject of the

scientific dispute for a long time. In this context, author is giving an examples and comparing

the jurists’ opinions about this problem, making his own conclusions, offering the categorization

of legal feelings, that based on their origin.

Khohlova E.M.

The Subjective law and duty as the juridical content of the legal relation governed by law

The article deals withe the place, structure and the role of subjective law and duty as the

juridical content of the legal relation (along with material and volitional content). The author

gives the definitions to these categories. The problem is considered in light the of modern

realities of Russia.

Istratov A.M.

The category of interest of person how is the social law appeararance

This science work is devote for study of the category of the interest of person, that, of our

opinion, appearing determine category in Russian law science. In this work we examine the

interaction of interest of person with subjective rights, and methods of doing of interest of

person in the law.


Kraineva O.L.

On the Concept of Violence in the Broad Sense of the Word

The analysis of scientific views on the nature of violence is carried on; complex approach to

its origins ascertainment is suggested. The system of the main signs of violence is suggested

on the basis of general scientific approach and the definition of violence in the broad sense

of the word is worked out.