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Vavilin E.V.

Donation: machineries of realization of subjective civil rights

The article is dedicated to the research of realisation subjective civil rights caracteristic in

the donation case. The aughtor analysed the foults of machinery of legal regulation of donation

relations. There the aim and resalts of realisation subjective civil rights are defined in the article.

The aughtor grounded conkrete motions for improvement of existing civil rights.

Ilyushina M.N.

About a parity of concepts commercial transactions and enterprise contracts

The issue considers the advantages of the concept of commercial transactions in historical

and comparative aspect. This concept is considered to be the best for meaning transactions

with participation of businessman.

Davydova D.N.

Particularities of indemnifying a harm, caused by death of breadwinner

in process of realization of business activity

According to Constitutions RF Russia is a state, in which is guaranteed social security of

people in the event of the loss of breadwinner. Specified constitutional principle must be taken

account into the process of realization of business activity. Businessmans have charge of the

harm, caused by the death of breadwinner by its workmans. Particularities of indemnifying

such harm are concluded in the determination: 1) circle of persons, inhering on the contents

of breadwinner; 2) terms of indemnifying a harm; 3) sizes of harm and order of its indemnity.

Donchenko A.A.

To a question on a problem about the definition of the affilated person

The author has undertaken an attempt to analyze the definition of the «affiliated person» in

law. There are analyzed different legal acts. And it is very important that the author formulates

his own definition taking into consideration disadvantages of definition before.

Krylov P.V.

Property rights and other rights on a thing on dwelling

The author of the article described property rights specified by the law on dwelling and other

rights on a thing, stipulated by Russian Federation Code. As well as the restrictions for the proprietor,

dwelling social hire - for the proprietor himself and the tenants and members of their families

In the article there were compared some feature in the old and new law.

Tikhenko T.V.

The legal nature of charter’s contract

This article deals with the essence of the studied subject in the sphere of marine transfer.

Pointing out general and various features of charter’s contract and transfer by consignment.