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Pastushenko E.N.

The Peculiarities of Public Legal Status of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation:

Topical Questions of Financial Legal Theory and Practice

(on the 15th Anniversary of Juridical Service within the Bank of Russia System)

Legal status of the Bank of Russia as the body implementing bank regulation on the basis

of financial law and management in money-and-credit sphere on the basis of administrative

law is considered.

Loginova L.V.

Institutionalization of corruptibility in Russia Annotation

The article analyses some problems related to institutionalization of corruptibility in Russia.

It is aimed to prove that the peculiarity of shadow socio-economic relations in Russia is in its

inseparability with the corruption. The article emphases that it is incorrect, to consider the social

gist of corruptibility in narrow content making focus only on its legal aspect. It also gives reasons

for institutionalization and offers some measures to be taken for its deinstitutionalization.

Kazina O.N.

The financial-legal policy in the field of the organization of obligatory medical insurance

In article the concept of a financial - legal policy is defined. The analysis of some statutory

acts in sphere of the organization of obligatory medical insurance in Russia is carried out,

tendencies of political-legal regulation in the given sphere come to light.