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Matskevich I.M.

Contemporary professional delinquency

Historical aspect of professional delinquency’s development in Russia since Stepan Razin’s

time till our days is considered in the article. The reasons of existence of professional delinquency

in the beginning of XX century and now are allocated and analysed. The basic types of modern

criminals-professionals are considered. Tendencies of professional criminality are studied,

directions of struggle with it are offered.

Rybak M.S.

The Evolution of Capital Punishment System in Russia

This article studies the evolution of capital punishment system which had been going

through different stages of Russian statehood development. The article gives sufficient reasons

for changes of the present system of punishment and suggests a new variant, which satisfies

interests of Russia nowadays.

Arzamastseva N.V., Kunitsina A.V., ReshetnikovV.Y.

Search and study activity on evidence revealing of leader’s behavior of criminal group

The article deals with criminalistic and procedural problems of identification and proof of

the criminal group leader’s role in its formation and unlawful activity.

Shapiro L.G.

Problems of concept and content of the special knowledge used

at the investigation of crimes in the sphere of economic activities

The article is devoted to studying of actual problems of notion and content of the special

knowledge used at the investigation of crimes in the sphere of economic activities. The author

proves the expediency of definition of the concept «special economic knowledge» in wide and

narrow senses. The article contains proposals on perfection of the legislation of the Russian


Annenkov S.I.

Use criminalistics characteristics of the person of the victim from swindle

at the organization of its interrogation

In clause problems of use of data about criminalistics to the characteristic of the victim from

swindle are investigated at the organization of its interrogation. Depending on psychological

features and behaviour during investigation of criminal case, the victim from swindle can take

of a various position: from the active help to the inspector with a view of full disclosing a crime

up to negative, expressed in hidrance of an establishment of true on business. Considering the

information on the person of the victim from swindle and its psychological features, the inspector

can predetermine, as the victim on the preliminary investigation will behave, on business it will

borrow what position, whether there is it an obstacle for all-round investigation of a crime. In

clause the offers are developed, recognized to optimize use of the doctrine about the victim

by preparation for interrogation on affairs about swindle.

Solovyov A.V., Gavrilov L.G.

The State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education

«Saratov State Law Academy»

Pecularities of revealing of positional crimes, connected with taking of bribes in Military

Forces of Russian Federation.

Ashirbekova М.Т.

Essential property of principles of criminal judicial proceeding

The author considers sings of concept of principles. It is ground that properties of principles

to affect on essence criminal judicial proceeding because they are conditioned by object and

method in criminal judicial proceeding. Two principles (ex officio and competition) are most

considerable as means in the method of legal regulation. That why the form and structure of

criminal proceeding are organized by this principles.

Efremov D.A.

The correlation between «information significant for crime detection»

and «forensic information»

The author discusses the correlation between the concepts of «information significant for

crime detection» and «forensic information». Scientific views of different criminalists on such

issues are presented. Further, the author states his own point of view on the above correlation

from both a theoretical and practical perspective.