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Shugurov M.V.

The doctrine of safety of international human rights and transnational economic criminality

Issues of organizing counteraction to transnational economic criminality in the context of the

international human rights, its nature and forms as well as matters of organizing optimal model of

international co-operation in the given sphere are analyzed.

Efremova N.A.

Modern tendencies of international law regulation of economic integration of states

Nowadays economic integration of states is carried out on multilateral and regional levels. At that,

international agreement is the universal instrument of the regulation of economic integration. During

the last decades some international organizations bring the elements of above-state organization into

the regulation of relations, demanding from the participant-states the bringing of internal legislation

according to organization’s Charter, or they tightly connect their economic cooperation of any level to the

liabilities of Charter. The following article depicts the problems of correlation of standards of multilateral

and regional regulation of economic integration of states.

Krasikov D.V.

European Court on Human Rights’ Judgments on applications vs. Russia: Short Practice Review

The article deals with analysis of the European Court on Human Rights’ practice on applications

vs. Russia on merits (up to January, 1, 2008). The article contains author’s statistical analysis of the

Court’s practice on every article of Section I of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and

Fundamental Freedoms and analysis of main features of interpretation of the Convention norms by the

Court in the context of Russian legal system.

Smirnov D.A.

Principles of international law: tax aspect

Natural of international tax law is examined; the classification of tax law principles is offered, their

characteristic is given.