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Kombarova E.V.

Conciliation procedures in a constitutional law

In the article the concept of conciliatory procedures, history of their origin and mechanism of the use

for permission of disagreements, is examined between public authorities in a Russian Federation.

An author proves that conciliatory procedures as a method of permission of disagreements between

public authorities is the major and perspective institute of a law of conflict, which have an important

socio-political value. Done recommendation on perfection of the Russian legislation.

Sajbulaeva S.A.

The constitutional (authorized) justice

And a principle of division of the authorities in region: theory and practice questions.

In article the problems existing for today in subjects of the Russian Federation in view of absence of

the constitutional (authorized) courts which are a necessary condition for realization of a principle of

division of the authorities in regions reveal. In article the author gives the characteristic of the reasons

of the created situation, and also variants of the decision of the given problem are offered.

Piskarev S.S.

The constitutional implication and legal base of regulation of the right of property

This article is devoted to the necessity of new constitutional conception of the right of property,

based on the idea of the development of jural state in Russia. The author pays attention to the full

realization of civil rights and freedoms vested in the Constitution of 1993. This idea demands the lateral

interpretation of the Constitution in questions of the right of property in all its forms, government

assertion and correlation with the notion of property. This position could help to decide the question of

opposition of constitutional and civil conceptions of the right of property.