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Fedyunin A.E.

The problems of usage of detective search materials got with technical means

application in the process of prooving

Legal, procedural and technical problems when using materials got at detective search with technical

means of information record application during criminal trial are being considered in the article.

Dianov V.A.

Judicial bases of interaction of subjects of the charge

In article are considered various approaches to concept «interaction», the purposes of interaction.

Author is offering to implement the analysis of interaction of subjects of charge, according to judicial

figure of the inspector.

Koshelev V.A.

Problems of qualification of extremist crimes and ways of their decision

In article is considered the problem of the underestimated responsibility for extremist acts in the

legislation of the Russian Federation while in a number of foreign countries the legislation provides more

strict measures; the parity of extremism and crimes against constitutional system, the government, the

order of management, safety of mankind is analyzed.

Konov T.H.

Socially significant result of activity of the official as the object protected

from abusing by official powers

Research reflects the author's approach to definition of essence of object of abusing by official

powers. As object of official abusing socially significant result of activity of the official proves. On the

basis of the received conclusions recommendations on optimization of the criminal legislation regarding

criminally-legal counteraction to abusings official powers are formulated.

Nasyrov N.E.

Cessation Terms of Sentence and the Order of Discharge from Imprisonment

In this article the author says about some kinds of discharge from imprisonment and to offers to

enlarge the area of application of the postponement of serving a term of imprisonment. It can be applied

to convicted single men having infant children at their expense. Besides, the author proposes to provide

in the Criminal Enforcement Code the possibility for convicted persons and their lawyers to apply to the

court for the substitution of the unserved term for a lenient punishment.