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Yefimova V.V.

Supervisory Trial in the System of Civil and Arbitration Procedure.

Availability of Justice and Efficiency of Legal Defense

The article deals with the question of definition of supervisory trial as the instance in judicial systems

minding that civil jurisdiction in the Russian Federation is represented by two separate judicial systems:

arbitration court system and system of courts of general jurisdiction. The author also touches upon the

item of initiation of supervisory action, reasonableness of supervisory trial procedural terms and the

grounds for repealing or alteration judicial acts application.

Malyhin D.V.

Technical Legal Problems of Means of Expression

of Structural Elements of Civil Procedural Law Norms

In the article the quality of civil procedural norms are examined by criteria of completeness of legal

regulations. Author describes the problems of norms expression and technical legal defects on the basis

of legal norms monitoring. Proposals of civil procedural norms improvement are offered.

Sorokina V.V.

To the question of essence of judicial adjective form

The article is devoted to the analysis of actual questions of essence of judicial adjective form. The

author considers adjective form as the totality of rules, demands, conditions regulating the consecution

of procedural actions that is the adjective order of every kind of judicial activity.

Pimenova E.N.

To the notion of public interest in arbitration procedure

The article “To the notion of public interest in arbitration procedure.” by E.N. Pimenova deals with

the problem of notification of public interest in arbitration procedure. The author gives step-by-step

analysis of the core problem using both the ‘public interest’ construction in legal and procedural theory

and arbitration practice and legal doctrine. It is stressed no notion of public interest exists in practice and

such a category is proposed by the author as a provided by both material and arbitration procedural law

need of the society to get the certain benefits to maintain the society and its further development.