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We should be concerned about preserving our liberties. Without

our liberties, other attempts at preserving the quality of

our lives will be hollow, if not quite difficult.

If we don’t defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights, we will ultimately

have nothing. These are our guarantees; they are precious,

and our dedication to these concepts is what makes us true patriots.

The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are our very protection from

totalitarianism. And a government out of control, and paranoid is a

government that desperately wants to get even more control, often

through the only means available to those without power—by instilling


We should not stand aside while we are told that compromising

our rights as citizens is in our best interest in the name of security.

The implication here is, without giving up our rights, we will not be

secure and protected by our government from the invisible enemy,

known today as the terrorist. But, without personal sovereignty, national

sovereignty cannot last long.

Our rights are spelled out in the founding documents of this nation,

the United States of America. These rights are indivisible. They

cannot be divided or edited for the benefit of any special interest or

even for the government. Period. But, that is precisely what has been

happening gradually for years, and is now advancing with a missionlike

quality. It is your freedom on the line. And you and I must defend

our rights to deserve the sweet bounty of freedom. You don’t need to

enlist in the military or fight a war to protect America. Defending

your rights and liberties is even more important—without them,

America won’t be worth defending.

Terrorism is a convenient concept for intimidating us into cooperation.

Historically, crime has been effectively used the same way. The

fear of the “baddies,” and jail, helps to keep the general populace in

line, and the taxpayer is happy to oblige. Federal taxes were not even a

reality until 1913 when the Internal Revenue Service was created. And

then, citizens of the day were told, among other things, it was only a

temporary measure to finance the war machine, and would be abolished

soon thereafter. That was a lie and an excuse, and it worked. We

have been in the government’s clutches ever since.

A person could conceivably feel compelled and justified to “voluntarily”

pay taxes if the funds were responsibly used to run the government

in the best interests of the citizens of the country. Today, half

of your earnings are going to taxes—local, state, and federal. But, are

the billions of dollars in revenues wisely spent? Is your opinion even

asked, or for that matter, considered?

Let’s see. Were our massive intelligence agencies able to stop an

attack in New York City on September 11, 2001? Tremendous intelligence

and surveillance was in place and working hard prior to this

historic date. In fact, we didn’t need to have a terrorist attack of this

magnitude to justify surveillance on foreigners and citizens—it was

already being done. But now it is justified and is being sold to us as

not only legal, but in our best interests.

This wonderful intelligence continues today, costing even more

billions, and it cannot guarantee that we have any additional personal

security. However, we are not only asked, but expected to give up our

personal rights and liberties as some kind of righteous cause to save

the nation.

Before we went to war with Iraq in 2003, it was clear that Iran and

North Korea were serious threats. They had made real strides in developing

weapons of mass destruction and would have the capability

to deliver these weapons in a matter of time. But rather than take on

either of these countries, we went after Saddam Hussein. Why? We are

told the decision was based on reliable intelligence information. Reliable?

Furnished to us by the Central Intelligence Agency—the same

people who failed to bring us the plot to take down the World Trade


Today, we are faced with serious problems coming from Iran,

North Korea, and elsewhere. As for Iraq, well, are things better because

we went in? I, for one, don’t really know, but I am hard pressed

to think so.

At the time, we were told that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

and that going to war in Iraq would help to preserve American

freedom. That sounded good. After the war was underway, and after

we discovered that there were no weapons of mass destruction, the

sales pitch changed. We were reminded that we were there to preserve

“Iraqi freedom.” Sounds like a bait-and-switch tactic, and not even a

sophisticated one.

The problem is, the Iraqi people weren’t really free to begin with,

not with Saddam in business; but now we are to believe it is the American

taxpayers’ responsibility to pay for a war, put the nation trillions

of dollars in debt, and waste thousands of American lives and the lives

of others to save “Iraqi freedom.” What happened to our freedom?

After the job we did on Hussein in 1990, it is difficult to believe

that he could have amassed the materials and means to become

a nuclear threat in the world without our detection via the

massive intelligence-gathering apparatus we have spent jillions to

support. And, I might remind the reader that this was after we gave

the intelligence agencies unlimited power and increased funding.

So, perhaps more money and more power does not equal more security

for Americans.

However, six weeks after 9/11, the Patriot Act was passed. As previously

mentioned, this document basically boils down to the Anti-

Constitution of the United States of America, and in this 342-page

document that was not read by most members of Congress before they

signed it, our rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution have been effectively

nullified. And, worse yet, a third of this document is about

money, not terrorists—but your money.

Under the guise of anti-money-laundering, the government has

devised a way to criminalize anyone they feel like pursuing, complete

with extreme criminal and civil penalties if convicted. The legislation

that was incorporated into the Patriot Act can be used effectively

against the average citizen. But, even before you go to jail—and to

add insult to injury, as they say—without the necessity for due process

of law on your side, all your assets can be confiscated. Before you get

to court, you could be penniless and unable to afford a lawyer, because

all your worldly wealth has been taken away from you. Does this

sound like America, or like another country from the pages of history?

And what happened to personal sovereignty?

This is not my personal crusade. An awareness of these issues is

now growing with vigor in the United States. Urgent countermeasures

are required to meet the challenges presented today if we are to prevent

the further decline and possibly the fall of the United States of

America, or minimally, the loss of our own personal, individual soverbarb_

eignty. Outspoken and undaunted people such as former Congressman

Robert E. Bauman, JD, author of some straightforward books on

these topics, are contributing to the awareness and the truth about

what is really taking place in the United States today. Mr. Bauman is

also legal counsel to a worthy effort known as the Sovereign Society,

chaired by investment advisor and author John Pugsley. And, as a former

Congressman, Bauman knows firsthand about the machinations

of Washington.

The fight not only seems to be external—real threats and manufactured

ones—but also is attacking from within—insidious attempts

to strip us of our personal rights. It has come from all directions recently

and we are bombarded on a regular basis—the effects of which

promise to leave us with nothing.

Our situation is reminiscent of the Roman Empire on the verge

of collapse. As great a civilization as it proved to be, it could not

overcome the external and internal pressures that began to work on

it daily during its evolution. The events today threaten to undermine

our entire society, too, and may contribute to the collapse of global

civilization. It wouldn’t be the first time it has happened on this


Not only are we faced with change due to adverse negative effects

from foreign enemies, but worse, we are confronted with our own


We have empowered the bureaucrats with our tax money and our

willingness to give them unbridled control over us at the federal

level, rather than take responsibility into our own hands, at the local

level, where true democracy lives. The politicians are telling us what

we want to hear to appease the savage beasts, that is to say “we the

people . . .” We have always possessed the power to keep government

in check and accountable. Instead we seem poised to accept the

big lies.

The Roman Empire collapsed under its own weight of ineptness

and corrupt leadership—that and a presumptuous society. The once

vibrant Roman economy was destroyed, law and order had disintegrated,

and many of the educational institutions had vanished. And,

with a little effort from its enemies, the barbarians stood at the gates

to Rome and banged their way in. There wasn’t much to stop them

when the final days came. It was the collapse of a great civilization

and it took humankind a thousand years to recover from the event. In

the end, their demise was swift.

The U.S. Government Guide to Surviving Terrorism (New York:

Barnes & Noble, 2003) is a compilation of official U.S. government

documents addressing the subject. It is essentially a survival guide for

Americans on how to live through and cope with the effects of terrorism.

In the introduction to the manual by H. Keith Melton from the

Center for Counterterrorism Studies, he closes with the following


Is the terrorist threat “real enough” that extraordinary measures for survival

may be necessary? The answer is an unqualified “yes!” Communication intercepts

about impending terrorist attacks against the United States and her allies

are received daily. The question is not if future attacks will occur, but rather

when and where the next attack will happen. If you don’t take precautions, you

may become a victim! You’ve been wise enough to purchase this manual. Now,

use it thoughtfully and deliberately to prepare each member of your family with

the information they will need to survive.

It appears that the U.S. government recognizes that the barbarians

are near, which brings us to the proverbial crossroads. Whether

there is time to make a difference, or whether we have the inclination

to try to change the course of our country, there is one thing

we must do immediately. We must decide, while we still have the

semblance of personal sovereignty, what action we will take into our

own hands.

As citizens, we have an obligation to preserve our national sovereignty.

And how, you ask, can this be accomplished? By starting with the

problem. We must downsize the bureaucratic machine that has taken

over our lives. I hope that this book will give you some inspiration.

Meanwhile, as free people, we also have the inherent right to protect

ourselves from the ravages of time and the prevailing winds of

change that threaten our personal existence. And, as a sovereign individual,

first and foremost, your right and obligation is to yourself and

your family, and that right is the greater right, and more important

than that of national sovereignty. Maybe that is why 250,000 patriotic

Americans are choosing to leave the country every year—because they

still can, and they know they must. Only free people can make a choice

like that.

So, let’s set sail, and together explore the blue seas of your offshore