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_ Opportunity to diversify investments

_ Strategies to defer taxes

_ Strong asset protection

_ Tax-free compound investment earnings

_ Greater privacy and f lexibility in banking offshore

_ Higher investment returns and interest rates

_ Reduced taxation

_ Avoidance of currency restrictions

_ Increased business opportunities

_ Currency diversification

_ Greater safety and security in banking and investments

_ Maximization of financial and personal privacy

_ Avoidance of the possibility of U.S. securities markets closing

due to an unforeseen national emergency (e.g., terrorism)

_ Circumvention of potential failure of U.S. financial institutions,

and U.S. guarantee agencies—again!

_ Immediate and long-term asset protection

_ In some cases, avoidance of U.S. reporting requirements to the

IRS and U.S. Treasury

_ Greater convenience when traveling

_ Exercising of your rights and freedoms to do the things that are

still legal to increase your financial position and security

_ Avoidance of disclosing your nationality or political alliance

with others

_ Keeping your physical location secret

_ Easy access to your offshore funds no matter where you are

_ Reduced estate taxes and security for your family’s economic

future through offshore estate planning

The list could run for pages!

Many of these benefits will give immediate relief and peace of

mind from problems we face or potentially face in the United States,

including potential collapse of the economy and financial institutions,

overt government oppression, evaporating civil liberties, rapidly dwindling

financial and personal privacy, discrimination, excessive government;

domestic lawsuits, exposed business and personal assets, and

the threat of crime.

With this book to guide you in your quest to avoid unnecessary

personal hardship in any of its many forms, you can begin to gain the

benefits of going offshore. You will effectively become your own best

champion, waging your own defense against the erosion that threatens

your prosperity, security, and very existence.

Not all the ideas, concepts, and possibilities presented here, however

beneficial, will interest everyone, or apply to everyone’s specific


Among the many personal and financial strategies presented in

these pages, however, numerous good matches and choices are available

for virtually each person and each set of goals. Much of what follows includes

little-known but effective strategies of particular interest to U.S.

citizens in most circumstances.