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How, exactly, does an individual “go offshore?” Essentially,

most people who do so are taking the step of moving part or

all of their finances, investments, and assets offshore while

still maintaining their lifestyle in their country of citizenship, such

as the United States. This is the most common and simplest method,

and this alone will provide the benefits that most people seek in

going offshore.

A further option exists that a growing number of people, including

250,000 Americans each year, are choosing: They take, not just

their assets and investments offshore, but their families, too, by leaving

their home country and creating a lifestyle elsewhere as a happy

expatriate (expat).

Whether you wish only to protect a few assets and reduce your tax

burden, or are interested in the big leap as an expat or something in

between, a detailed view of all the options follows here.

The ultimate goal is to reduce taxes, protect your assets, secure

your investments, plan for retirement, and preserve your personal privacy

and sovereignty. Sounds like a lot to accomplish, but, if you have

the desire and use this book as a road map, you can get offshore

today—safely and legally.

The choices you make in this process will be determined by what

you are hoping to achieve. Nearly anyone can benefit from having an

offshore bank account, which provides a fast and simple means for getting

at least part of your finances and assets offshore without timeconsuming

planning. And in the right banking haven, your money will

receive ironclad protection from lawsuits, creditors, angry spouses, or

unexpected surprises from your own government. Think of reasons

you want to protect your money. With the simple act of, say, opening an

offshore bank account by mail, you have made a significant move to financially

protecting yourself and your family. With this account in

place, you will have tremendous banking and investment resources at

your fingertips and utmost confidentiality. You can even seek out non-

U.S. investments not normally accessible to U.S. investors and keep

your money in a foreign currency like the solid Swiss franc, or multiple

foreign currencies, thereby hedging against the declining U.S. dollar.

The difference is your gain.

Without leaving your armchair, you can take numerous and relatively

simple steps to go offshore and instantly avail yourself of exciting

new opportunities. Aside from opening an offshore bank account,

even the smallest investor can benefit from many safe and lucrative

investments not found in the United States. These can provide a secure

offshore nest egg that will grow while you sleep, with a high degree

of asset protection and without complicated and expensive

financial planning. In the pages that follow, I describe a wide range

of offshore opportunities, most of which are available to you without

leaving the comfort of your living room.

Part Two of this book is aptly named “Building a Solid Offshore

Financial Fortress.” You have already taken the first step by recognizing

that reading the information explored here may provide solutions

to your concerns. Now is your chance to take the next steps to securing

a better future, and getting started takes little effort.

Be prudent: Keep your plans to yourself. Don’t advertise your intentions.

Share only what is necessary to accomplish your goals for

your personal life and business affairs, whether it be with family,

friends, neighbors, business associates, or the professionals whom you

engage. Some things will be necessary to share to get the expertise

you need, but stick to the point. The old adage “loose lips sink ships”

applies here. Insulate your affairs like a submarine, compartmentalizing

your activities for better protection, and keep the details to yourself.

In this arena, like most of life, you never know what might turn

up to haunt you later. Going offshore, financially and physically, involves

major steps for accomplishment, as we shall explore, but in no

way would acting less than prudent be wise. Au contraire.