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Fifteen years have passed since I wrote a book on the subject of

tax havens and offshore banking and investing. The year was

1992 and I was writing Tax Havens: How to Bank, Invest and Do

Business Offshore and Tax Free for McGraw-Hill in New York. There

weren’t too many good books out on the subject, and I felt the timing

was good for a book on these themes.

Offshore has transformed a lot since then, and many people have

discovered, often recklessly, that there are pitfalls to avoid that could

cause financial loss and even jail time. The more I thought about it,

the more I liked the idea of a new book. But, I decided it couldn’t be

treated in the same way as last time, and that this time might be my

last good opportunity to share what I know and what I have drawn

from personal experience. So I would have to make it a real tour de

force—the “Offshore Bible”—a single place where readers can find all

the information they need on the topic, including reliable answers

and important connections.

A new book of this nature seems more urgent with each passing

day. National and world events are playing havoc with our personal

sovereignty and freedoms. I hadn’t planned to write this book, but it

came to me overnight, and I realized that I could provide a valuable

tool for Americans, and others, to get a quick lesson in alternative financial

solutions and thereby increase their investment choices. Okay,

I decided that I would write it. But it would have to be more than just

another offshore book.

Since my first tax haven book was published, dozens of related titles

have come and gone. Amazingly, mine stayed in print and remained

on the market for a full decade. From my time in the business

and from fresh new research, I realized there was huge public interest

in these topics, and little material was getting out that was truly accurate

and reliable. As for the Internet, the stuff found there is often entirely

questionable and sometimes clean off the map.

The result: I have the pleasure of bringing you Tax Havens Today:

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Banking and Investing Offshore. I have to give

credit to my publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and specifically to my

senior editor, Mr. David Pugh, who took a personal interest in this

project, and who had the vision to recognize the timeliness, and need

for a book on the topic, and indeed, one with deeper themes than the

mere subject of tax havens.

Tax Havens Today is designed for easy use. In Part One: “The Offshore

Controversy,” you will find up-to-date information on the state

of the offshore world, against the backdrop of current world events.

Changes have occurred rapidly in this business in just the past few

years, and more changes are coming. It is important to know what to

expect so that you can avoid the pitfalls while implementing your plan

of attack. After all, that is what it is all about today—the barbarians

are standing at the gate, right now.

Part Two: “Building a Solid Offshore Financial Fortress” includes

the reasons the offshore angle may be your best choice of methodology

and defense, and it will provide you with valuable hands-on information

and strategies for going offshore. There is a diverse selection of

offshore banking and investment options to accommodate any investor

and any set of goals as well as tax-planning ideas to provide inspiration.

You will learn how to reduce taxes, defer taxes, and invest taxfree

while protecting your assets and planning your estate, meanwhile

staying out of the reach of creditors and growing confiscatory government

practices. In Part Two, you will also learn how you and your

spouse can earn up to $160,000 a year tax-free simply by relocating.

Part Three: “Today’s Tax Havens” gives you an accurate picture of

the advantages and drawbacks of 40 important tax havens. Twelve categories

of information are provided so that you can make an intelligent

decision on the best tax haven for you and your purposes. And,

that is not all. This book contains over 500 contacts, including names,

addresses, telephone, fax, e-mail addresses, and web sites of the most

important investment, banking, and financial advisors in the world.

These are organized by tax haven or other jurisdiction, and a brief description

of their areas of expertise is included. After reading this

book, no matter what questions you may have, an authority on the subject

is just a phone call or e-mail away.

Part Four: “Resources—The Big Picture” provides contacts for

developing new financial plans and includes other information

sources to help you further pursue the concepts presented in this

book, including exploration of tax-advantaged offshore retirement

havens, and other countries, with strong appeal to aspiring investors

and expatriates.

Ninety-five countries are profiled in Part Four as possible alternative

places to live or retire. Thirty-one countries where you can secure

residency and possibly naturalization are covered in detail, along

with two very attractive Economic Citizenship Programs where you

can get a second citizenship and passport just by writing a check.

These countries are also reviewed with taxation in mind, as well as

their individual and unique benefits. Then, an additional sixty-two

countries are included where you can possibly live as an expatriate,

either temporarily or permanently.

Now, does it sound like I left anything out? That’s it, all rolled

into one tight package. I believe you will find herein everything

you need to get started on your road to reducing taxes, protecting assets,

increasing your profits, and living a better life. And, as I uncover

more opportunities, I’ll gladly share them with you. Just send

me your name and e-mail address, and I’ll make sure you get my

latest take on what’s happening offshore—and elsewhere. You may

e-mail me direct at or to my office at

One last thought before I leave you to explore your new options.

You have already contributed to some important causes by the mere

action of looking into this topic: yourself, your family and a brighter

future. And I believe in more action and less talk: In that spirit I decided

while writing this book to contribute my royalties to a worthy

organization known as It is a nonprofit organization

co-founded by one of my long-time (since 1970) favorite investment

writers and philosophers, Harry Browne and his associate, Jim Babka.

Among a world of other things, Harry Browne was the 1996 and 2000

libertarian presidential candidate. When I heard the news while writing

this book that Harry Browne had passed away, I was compelled to

make my contribution to reducing bureaucracy. As they say, I may be

a day late and a dollar short, but if enough people in this country really

want to make an impact, then we can make a difference, and

there is truly no time like the present. I hope this book will inspire

others, the way Harry Browne and others have inspired me. For more

information on, please refer to Part Four.

Best of luck as you make your way through these pages. Only you

hold the key to your future. Let me know how you fare on your voyage

to a better, richer, and more independent tomorrow.