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Plenty of pitfalls exist in life and the same applies to going offshore.

It would be impractical to itemize them all here. But,

many of the major obstacles and troublesome areas have been

addressed in this book so you know what to expect and can deal with

them intelligently and with the help of qualified professionals. For

starters, you should avoid breaking laws, stay clear of offshore predators,

and travel wisely.

The best I can do is to point you in the right direction. Part Four

and the Appendix of this book are loaded with good resources and

sources of information. It would be well worth your time to explore

many of the ideas and personal contacts to increase your knowledge of

the subjects contained herein, and expand your horizons in the direction

of new opportunities and alternatives to preserving your wealth,

keeping your privacy, and generally living a better life.

The world is rapidly changing, and as you read this, the war in

Iraq is likely to still be going on, inf lation or recession will still be

threatening to become a significant problem, dwindling world oil

production and high gas prices will not be going away, the real estate

market will be in decline, precious metals and other commodities will

be headed upward, and so will the national private and public debt,

at an astronomical rate, and with no end in sight.

These are some solid reasons to be considering a new game plan in

life—and these are the real pitfalls and threats if you don’t go offshore.

To help lessen the risks, use this book as your guide and consult qualified

professionals to answer your questions and provide the services

you require. I highly recommend not to resort to the Internet to get

your advice, but instead to seek out reliable sources, preferably with a

referral from a trusted source. I have tried to provide some of the best

and most reputable contacts in the offshore field and in the financial

and investment arena where you can obtain further information and get reliable advice and professional guidance. If you would like assistance

in this process, please refer to “Offshore Evaluation Service” in

Part Four. Now you, too, can get offshore quickly, and without a lot of

cash. It is important to take the initial steps early, such as getting certain

offshore accounts in place in advance of needing them. With

minimal capital, you can even start an offshore e-commerce business

that can generate an offshore cash flow, possibly your future

lifeblood, and all from your armchair. Not only would this be useful,

especially if exchange controls are passed in the United States, but it

could be lucrative.

Dwindling personal sovereignty and vanishing liberties should be

your most urgent concern in today’s volatile world. Exercising your

rights helps ensure their continued existence. Going offshore is still

perfectly legal for Americans, but the opportunity is being attacked

with regular frequency. The biggest pitfall may be to do nothing at

all. So, what are you waiting for? Carpe diem—“Seize the day.”