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First, make yourself aware of the training programs available in the company

and in the marketplace. Concern yourself with project-oriented training courses

and team-oriented training courses. There are many of them available.

Second, if someone else has proposed training for your task team, carefully

evaluate the need for and the cost of the proposed training program. Sometimes

the training department comes up with programs they are fully convinced are

great but are actually a waste of your time and the time of your team members.

Third, if you find that you have attended a training program that is indeed

too expensive, either in dollar or time terms, there is not too much you can do

to recover on your program. Instead, report the findings to HR (training) and

to management and, if possible, seek relief from the cost burden. Be sure to list

this situation in your ‘‘Lessons Learned’’ paper (see glossary).


9a (NO) The proper amount of data is not being delivered on time.

The proper amount of data is not being delivered on time when the data

deliveries do not match the data stipulated in the requirements document (contract).

Some documents are delivered once (i.e., System Test results) and some

require multiple deliveries (i.e., Monthly Status Reports).

Each line item of deliverable documentation in the requirements document

(contract) should contain a delivery date or schedule of dates, a format, and a

content requirement. If it does not, you should create these requirements. All

requirements are then included in the Data Plan.


Create a Data Plan using a spreadsheet program or a Relational Data Base

(RDB) program with a report similar to Table 4-16.

Usually the first Data Plan is created with delta dates (i.e., dates relative to

award). Soon after award, the actual dates are used. By using this format and

by using a spreadsheet application, the sort function is of great value.

Ensure that proper resources are allocated to implement the Data Plan and

that the customer’s expectations regarding the scope, content, detail, and format

of the deliveries are clearly understood.

It is usual for data to be created in one part of the organization (engineering,

T a b l e 4 - 1 6 — D a t a D e l i v e r y M a t r i x

Doc No Title Resp. Format First Del Frequency

A-0001 Monthly Progress Jones DID 1234 30 days Monthly

Report ARO1

T-0001 System Test Smith DID 2345 System Test minus One time

Package 30 days

T-0002 System Test Harris DID 4567 System Test plus One time

Results 30 days

1ARO: After Receipt of Order.

for instance) and forwarded to the Data Manager for formatting and disposition.

Ensure that each person understands what data is expected. This is equally

true for electronic transmissions.

Except in the smallest projects, the person who generates the data is not

usually the person who sends the data to the customer. Without Project Office

review, cognizance, coordination, and control, the practice of individuals sending

data directly to the customer is guaranteed to give you heartache.


10a (NO) The Quality Plan is not thorough, complete, and


The Quality Plan is not thorough, complete, and authorized when it does not

completely address and fill the requirements stipulated for the project or when

it has not been authorized by the proper authority.


Review the requirements stipulated by the requirements document (contract)

or by enterprise policies and fulfill the requirements. You should have

completed this issue before the project started. It is of little value to write a

Quality Plan after the fact.

Refer to Attachment 6 for a Quality Assurance Plan Outline and a Quality

Control Plan Outline.


Additional References:

MIL-STD- 9858

MIL-STD- 2167

MIL-STD- 2168


10b (NO) Specific quality characteristics that are important to the

project were not identified.

Specific quality characteristics that are important to the project were not

identified when these characteristics are not documented and used as a checklist.