5.2 Technical Search Tables

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Table 5-1 is the Technical Recovery Checklist. Use this table to find and isolate

a problem in the technical part of your project. The Technical Performance

Checklist is presented in Chapter 3 of this book.

T a b l e 5 - 1 — T e c h n i c a l R e c o v e r y C h e c k l i s t

51 ARCHITECTURE Recovery Yes

51a (NO) All Critical Success Factors (CSFs) such as Mean Time To Repair 112

(MTTR), Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), etc., have not been

documented and understood

51b (NO) All modules/subsystems are not well defined 113

51c (NO) All key functions such as time, length, weight, performance 114

requirements, and interfaces, etc., listed in the requirements are not

appropriately covered

51d (NO) All major elements (physical and data) are not described and/or not 115


51e (NO) All key aspects of user interfaces are not well defined 116

51f (NO) The Architecture does not hang together conceptually 117

52 DESIGN Recovery Yes

52a (NO) The design process is not correct and/or traceable to enterprise, 117

customer, and standard processes

52b (NO) The design is not correct and not traceable to the requirements 119

52c (NO) The design is not efficient 120

52d (NO) The design does not adequately address issues that were identified 122

and deferred to design at the architectural level

52e (NO) The design is not partitioned into manageable segments 122

52f (NO) The design does not account for supportability, Life Cycle cost/total 123

cost of ownership, and future expansions

52g (NO) Technical Performance Measures (TPMs) such as data retrieval 124

time, weight, error rate, etc., have not been defined or


53 DESIGN REVIEWS Recovery Yes

53a (NO) All Design Reviews were not completed according to required 125


53b (NO) The customer has not approved each Design Review 127


54a (NO) All required In-Process Reviews were not conducted according to 127

required processes

54b (NO) The appropriate authority has not approved each In-Process 129


55 PROTOTYPES Recovery Yes

55a (NO) The prototypes do not reflect the requirements 130

55b (NO) Prototypes were not constructed incrementally 132

55c (NO) Prototype changes were not incorporated into the design using the 133

Change Control Process

55d (NO) Each prototype change was not reviewed and accepted by the 133

originator of the requirements

56 SUBCONTRACTS Recovery Yes

56a (NO) The sum of all subcontracts does not reflect all tasks allocated 133

56b (NO) Each subcontract does not contain all tasks allocated 134


57a (NO) The sum of all Purchase Orders does not reflect all purchases to be 135


57b (NO) Each Purchase Order is not complete 136


58a (NO) All production/manufacturing processes are not traceable to 138

standard, customer, or enterprise processes

58b (NO) The line(s) were not properly designed and set up for this (these) 139


58c (NO) Shop Orders were not correct or thorough 139

58d (NO) The materials were not proper for the processes and the product(s) 140

and/or did not meet the requirements

59 UNIT TEST Recovery Yes

59a (NO) Each Unit Test does not correctly reflect the requirement 141

59b (NO) Each design element that applies to the routine/module/subsystem 143

does not have its own test case

59c (NO) Unit Test findings were not reviewed for completeness and not 144

forwarded to be incorporated into Subsystem Tests and the System


59d (NO) All Problem Test Reports (PTRs) were not captured, dispositioned, 144

or worked off

60 SYSTEM TEST Recovery Yes

60a (NO) The System Test Plan/Procedure was not approved by the customer 146

60b (NO) The System Test is not traceable to the requirements 147

60c (NO) The System Test has not tested all elements of the system 148


60d (NO) The System Test was not performed under appropriate load(s) 149

60e (NO) The System Test was not performed using the same kind of 149

personnel that will be used by the customer

60f (NO) The System Test was not properly documented and did not 150

incorporate the test results of all prior-level tests


61a (NO) The Configuration Management Plan (CMP) is not thorough, 150

complete, or authorized

61b (NO) Change requests were not presented and approved by an 152

appropriate level of the Review Board

61c (NO) Version controls are not in place and are not reflected on (in) the 153



62a (NO) All required System Effectiveness Factors have not been 154

appropriately considered

Starting at 51a, read each assertion in the table. If you can answer YES to the

assertion, check it off and proceed to the next one. If you answer NO to the

assertion, go to the page number listed under the ‘‘Recovery’’ column for that