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Talent identification program

Martha Putallaz, Director

Duke University Tip, Box 90780

Durham, NC 27708-0780

(919) 668-9100

QUICK TAKE: Is your exceptionally bright student not feeling

sufficiently challenged at school? The Duke University TIPS

program is world famous for enhancing the talent and intellectual

skills of gifted children. This course will keep them

on their toes and help them to learn more about a variety of

subjects, while living in a college dorm and working on an advanced


AGE REQUIREMENT: Grades 7–12 (Note: There is another program

for 4th and 5th graders.)

FEES: The camp is located at Duke University, the Johns Hopkins

University, Northwestern University, and the University

of Colorado. Tuition varies depending on the camp.

BACKGROUND: TIP was founded in 1980 by a grant to the

Duke Endowment. Since then, TIP has offered programs to

help find promising young students and give them the chance

to expand their horizons.

DESCRIPTION: Attendees are encouraged to explore new

venues of learning and discussion in intensive programs. A

Summer Studies program for students in grades 7 to 10 includes

40-hour per week courses taught by instructors dedicated

to this age group. The Pre-College program for 11th

graders provides courses offered by Duke and taught by Duke

professors, which allow students to get a more genuine feel

of the college. It also offers seminars on different areas of

interest that may help students decide on a career path. The

Field Studies program similarly allows 10th to 12th graders

to take college courses so they can get a better feel for the

dedication needed to accomplish more advanced work. Along

with academic courses, Duke has programs, such as a Leadership

Institute, that encourages kids to help others and make

new friends. Check out the Web site for more information

about registration. For high school juniors and seniors, a

minimum score on the PSATs is required.

OUR TAKE: This program will intellectually challenge your brilliant

student to understand what’s out there after high school.

The in-depth courses provide students with an idea of what

college is really like. This program will look great on your student’s

transcript when he or she is ready to apply to college.

Steven Pfeiffer, one of our “eminent achievers,” once ran this

program, which, by the nature of its sophisticated programming

and the caliber of its students, provides a life-changing

experience and memory.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: This program is a slam-dunk for exceptional

children. It will challenge them and encourage them

to be who they are—intellectuals.


Learning and life skills camp

Bobbi DePorter, Founder and President

Enrollments Department


1725 South Coast Highway

Oceanside, CA 92054–5319

(800) 285-3276

QUICK TAKE: A camp that gives students’ the skills to improve

their academic standing when returning to the school environment,

as well as the self-confidence to speak publicly and take

risks. It works for the “A” student, as well as those less proficient.

SuperCamp has been so well received that it is now an

international camp. Learning and Life Skills are emphasized.


FEES: The session length and prices depend on which location

your student attends. Sessions usually are usually 8 to 12 days.

BACKGROUND: SuperCamp began in 1981 and provides students

with the tools and strategies to improve their schoolwork.

All courses are designed to give kids more selfconfidence

as they work harder, speak in front of peers, and

make decisions. Camps can be found in Massachusetts, California,

Colorado, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Hong Kong,

Singapore, Mexico, Switzerland, and other locations.

DESCRIPTION: Many academic programs are offered to help

students improve their study habits, memorize information

faster, and write with greater ease. Other courses teach students

how to study and take SAT tests so that their scores

will improve. Along with study skills, the camp also helps

students build their self-esteem and gives them the motivation

needed to take risks as they embark on such outdoor

activities as walking on a tightrope or experiencing other


OUR TAKE: This camp provides great all-around skills to all

students. After speaking with Bobbi DePorter, one of the

founders and President of SuperCamp, I am even more inclined

to recommend the program. She believes that a child

should never feel alone during this camp experience, so even

shy kids can thrive here. They put kids in teams and work on

drawing them out. Bobbi said kids return each year until they

can participate as a teacher at the camp. Even if your kid is

already smart or sociable, this camp could definitely give provide

an edge in his or her work. Kids who have taken the course

have found that their SAT scores improved dramatically.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Check the Web site for locations and

information on the programs, and then apply. Your student

can take so much away from this experience!