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Making Sense of Motherhood

Becoming a mother changes lives in many ways and this original and

accessible book explores how women try to make sense of and narrate

their experiences of first-time motherhood in the Western world. Tina

Miller pays close attention to women’s own accounts, over time, of their

experiences of transition to motherhood and shows how myths of

motherhood continue because women do not feel able to voice their

early (often difficult) experiences of mothering. The book charts the

social, cultural and moral contours of contemporary motherhood and

engages with sociological and feminist debates on how selves are constituted,

maintained and narrated. Drawing on original research and

narrative theory, the book also explores the disjuncture that often exists

between personal experience and public discourse and the cultural

dimensions of expert knowledge.

TINA MILLER is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Oxford Brookes

University. Her publications include journal articles and book chapters

on mothering, reproductive health, narratives and methodological issues

in qualitative research. She is co-editor of Ethics in Qualitative Research

(with M. Mauthner, M. Birch and J. Jessop, 2002).

Making Sense of Motherhood

A Narrative Approach

Tina Miller

Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, Sгo Paulo

Cambridge University Press

The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge UK

First published in print format

© Tina Miller 2005

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Published in the United States of America by Cambridge University Press, New York




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